Kahal Shalom

Kahal Shalom

Over five centuries of history, From inquisition to Shoa Stands Kahal Shalom, A synagogue, a jewel, Where voices once echoed in prayer, Where ancient songs flowed From lofty windows. On Sabbath, on holidays, They gathered For community, for comfort, For … Continue reading


Memorial Wall

In the summer of 2003 I traveled to Poland. Specifically to Treblinka, the death camp, where I was shown head stones that came from desecrated cemeteries in the Treblinka vicinity. These head stones were used by evil to pave roads … Continue reading


The Ultimate Sacrifice

For two thousand years we have been in the Diaspora. For two thousand years we prayed that “Next year we’ll be in Jerusalem.” After our final sacrifice we have come home, Never again to be brought to the sacrificial alter.


Out of The Ashes

Out of the fires of the inferno. The Hands; Hands emerged out of the fire ready to rebuild their lives, ready to fight back and raise a new generation strong and confident, a generation that will never face the fires … Continue reading


The Wedding

Joyfully they returned To the cavernous remains Of a perished community. In an ancient synagogue, They stood hand in hand. They were wed and were blessed. Through broken windows Birds twittered their applause. In the Judeiria they danced With friends … Continue reading


A Raibow of Tears

In the center of the square, A cold and majestic trio Crowns a fountain. Doves frolic in its fresh water, At its mosaic base, Colorful tourists pose, Beaming and oblivious Of the tears that gently flow From molten eyes. The … Continue reading


Shalom Aba

On November 7, 1997 in the wisp of a moment my father was gone. From our hands to His hands. I know he is in a better place now – a place of peace and solitude. I realize now how … Continue reading


All Is Not Pink

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter Through the arches, Through the doorways They came and they went They ran, they played, they sang They cried – They are crying now – somewhere – but where? Now they are gone The young, not … Continue reading



“As the years go by, and as I reflect on the past… I am in the twilight of my life… I can still see the faces…… hear the voices…… and smell the air…… I can not escape these sensations. I … Continue reading


Rhodes Today

60 years later, Tourists come and they go, Through this portal They stroll From the ports, to the beaches, Past the shops and the ”Judeirea” They do not know the life that was, The lives that were, The sounds of … Continue reading


60 Years Later

“I have raised a family. I have continued………… But I am still behind barbed wire I can not escape the visions.”


Under The Bougainvillea of Time

Planted somewhere, some time Long, long ago. Seasons in and seasons out They bloom and they shine. I pass under the Bougainvillea Red, Pink and white, Bursting with life. The hand that planted Is no longer there. I think of … Continue reading


Going Home

Shoulder to shoulder they stand, waiting. Year after year they have been waiting, Children and Parents, Young and Old, Chasid and Zionist. In Silence they wait. In the Forest thicket they stand. And they stand… Silent. And I see them. … Continue reading


In The Shadows of Memory

I walk through the arches Deeper and deeper Into the shadows of memory Each step echoes in my heart And draws me closer and closer To a past I did not know A past that was not mine And yet … Continue reading


Forest of The Souls

They appeared as though they had a plan of their own. They came through the watercolor on the paper. I could see them and they could see me… reminding me to tell their story reminding me not to forget.


Death Walk

A gift from all who have perished. They came one by one out of the water through the color. They stood in a row and they commanded “Enough” Let us go Let us go


If Vines Could Tell

If vines could tell Of a little corner, In a quaint winding alley, A wall that was a home, Two vacant windows remain. Just a reminder Of the vanished lives, The sounds of chitter-chatter, The laughter of children, The crying … Continue reading


Looking Down from Above

Looking up, up the stairs, Past the doorway, Into the deep, deep blue sky, They look down on me And smile. I have come home But they are now gone There is no one left. Only stones Cold, grey stones, … Continue reading



Coming out of darkness on the doorsteps of death the survivors began to rebuild their lives, rehabilitate their souls and reclaim their dignity. To turn pain and suffering, hopelessness and darkness into the dawn of a hopeful future. With mending … Continue reading


If Walls Could Talk

An open doorway, but no door No one is there. Just a bright sky – yet so dull. I see the faces Or are they souls? I hear voices Weeping Seeping through the stones? A thousand Kadish chants Calling me, … Continue reading

In the summer of 2003 I traveled to Poland. Specifically to Treblinka, the death camp, where I was shown head stones that came from desecrated cemeteries in the Treblinka vicinity. These head stones were used by evil to pave roads and further erase the history of Jewish life in Europe.
Since then I have been working on creating a memorial for all the cemeteries that have been destroyed and I hope to raise awareness and support for the restoration of these cemeteries.
This wall stands 8 feet tall and is made of reproduced headstones from ones that I saw at Treblinka.

Mama Tell Me Another Story…

“Mama tell me another Story…” My mother, her sister and her mother were together in Auschwitz. The smoke stacks, the many dead, the smell of burned flesh. The burning synagogues, the barbed wire all remain vivid in her memory. The … Continue reading


Holocaust Tornado

It came suddenly, It came with furor, Like a tornado It swept in And the next minute It was gone, Leaving destruction Leaving emptiness. Broken bodies, broken souls And a deep, deep blue sky.


Island of Roses

The winding path of memory Takes me past doorways, past windows Under the washing lines, Over ancient cobblestones. Echoing footsteps Of lovers, Hand in hand Walking towards their dreams. Past open windows I smell the blooms, And I imagine Bourekas … Continue reading


Papa Tell Me Again…

“Papa tell me again……..” My father’s time during the war…his life was unfolding around the gun. As a young Zionist in “Hasomer Hatzaeir” to a labor camp worker. A Partisan fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto he was shot and 13 … Continue reading